In St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, about 2000 animals were removed from a man’s home. Some of them were dead and others in a very bad shape.

A Zoo

A wide range of animals were found in the man’s home including; chickens, dogs, cats, geese, snakes, rabbits, peacocks and pheasants. The smell was unbearable and could even be smelled from the road!

Poor Conditions

There were about 100 chickens roaming around and 20 dogs in very small cages. Other animals were also kept in small cages and lived on top of each other. Police had to remove chicken corpses to get to the live chickens, and some were in such a bad state that they had to be euthanized.

“The smell was horrendous. The chickens were in some little crates and they lived in faeces until it built up so much that they could jump out of the crate,” said parish Administrator, Jessie Bellard.

Owners Reaction

The owner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. What shocked Bellard and police was that the owner was surprised that the animals were being removed. He believed that he was doing nothing wrong.

Source: CNN

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