It is simultaneously exciting and scary to think about the future and to picture how it might be.

We imagine robots taking over the world; driving our cars and serving us in restaurants. The following video shows us a hilarious account of pets vs Roombas, giving us a look into the future.

To Worry Or Not To Worry?

Clip number 6 shows a dog on a Roomba, cruising towards two others. They immediately make way for him! Clip 5 shows a Labrador who isn’t bothered by new technology at all! He continues with his nap while the Roomba tries to get around him. Maybe these two are old friends?

Travelling In Style And Getting Off

Clip number 4 shows a black cat on a cushion cruising around on a Roomba. He definitely travels around in style! The lazy cat isn’t even bothered when its steed bumps into things. Clip 3 shows us how a cat gets off one of these inventions, by simply holding onto the nearest chair while the Roomba moves away!

Entertainment And Protection

Clip 2 is just adorable; here we see a cat in a shark costume on a Roomba, chasing a duck! Technology provides us with entertainment too! Last but not least, in clip number 1, the beautiful dog defends his home by barking at the Roomba. Thank you Rex, we know you will defend us!

Do you have a Roomba and have your pets interacted with it?

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