This incredible story is about a girl who was willing to do anything to save her pet cat from euthanasia!

Toys As A Means

For most children, their toys are considered very valuable and they are unlikely to give them up. But, for 8-year-old Ebony Smith, toys were a way to save her pet cat, Tiger.

Tiger was attacked and very badly injured, and unfortunately the vet costs to help him were unbelievably high. Ebony’s mother didn’t have the money to pay for operations, so they thought euthanasia was their only option.

Raising Money

Ebony decided that she didn’t want to lose her best friend, so she decided to sell her toys to raise money for Tiger. By selling her Barbie dolls and her trampoline, Ebony managed to collect $500.

Since then, Tiger was operated on and he is now thriving with his family! We can imagine he got a lot of TLC from little Ebony.

Source & Photo: News Mail

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