Arturo is a sad polar bear, and he's in danger!

Arturo is 28 years old and lives in Mendoza, an Zoo in Argentina. He's the only polar bear in captivity there because his female partner died a year ago because of a cancer. Now, Arturo is desperate and has a really hard time coping with the heat! Indeed, during summer time, the temperature can reach 30 degrees in Mendoza.

560 000 people have already signed the petition

A petition, that has already gathered 560 000 signatures all around the world, asks that Arturo moves to a zoo in Canada, where weather is more suitable for a polar bear. Unfortunately, the Mendoza zoo director said that it was impossible to take Arturo on a long journey to Canada because he's too old and might not make it.

Please, sign the petition! Arturo is depressed, living alone and in deplorable conditions! Arturo deserves a better life!

Photo credit : Breitbart

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