Have you heard of Doug? You know the speaking dog in the Disney/Pixar movie "UP".


You've dreamed of being able to communicate with your dog in the same way? This dream may perhaps become a reality with " No More Woof !"

"No more woof" is a small device that analyzes the electrical activity of the brain and recreates it in human language, a dog / human translator .


Still in development by NSID, a Swedish research laboratory, it allows for the moment to transcribe certain emotions such as "I'm tired", "I'm hungry " but also " Who are you ? " .

The NSID really hopes to commercialise their project and has launched a community fundraising campaign on the website INDIEGOGO. They have reached their goal of $ 10,000 in just 3 days, proof that humans want to talk to their dogs!

What do you think, is it a useful device or gimmick?

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