Used for cats, dogs, but also ferrets,  kibble dispensing toys are attracting more and more people. Yummypets offers today a small summary of the pros and cons.

To start, how does a dispensing toy work?

This is extremely simple. Just put somme kibbles in the toy. Your pet will just have to make the toy roll to make the kibbles fall. Easy.

What are the pros?

The first good point of theses toys: it requires your pet to do some exercise. This is a good way to force apartment living pets to do some exercise! In addition, it will allow cats to use their hunting instincts!

This object can also be useful for pets who have the bad habit of eating too fast. Indeed, most dispensing toys have a system which allows you to control the flow of kibbles.
It also allows you to be independent. With a dispensing ball, you pet can feed himself all day, when he is hungry, and you still get to control the doses.

What are the cons?
Unfortunately, some pets are not at all receptive to such items. Either by laziness or because they do not understand it.
Also, do not forget that  there is a risk of turning your home into a veritable ocean of kibbles ! Some balls are not easily adjustable, which causes an excessive flow.
Because of these problems of adjustment, all kibbles aren't adapted to dispensing toys. Some are too small and fall too easily and some are too big and don't fall.

What do you think of these items? Does your pet use a dispensing toy?

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