Do you love dogs and you really want to show it? Nothing could be easier! Why not put little 'pawprints' all over your house?

You have found the time to take your precious pupper for walks, taken them to the vet and played with them on top of it all! But don't worry, decorating your house dog-style won't be nearly as difficult, if a bit time consuming.

Today, Yummypets has collected 8 ideas to spruce up your home with dog inspired decoration. Now you can show the world just how much you love your four-legged friend!

#1 Think small


Small spaces, like a bathroom for example, are good places to try out ideas. Make sure not to over-decorate your walls, however, restraint is your friend! In the photo above, the perfect equilibrium has been found between moderation and originality.

#2 Use a child's perspective


The family dog is the favourite playmate of every child because they never get bored. Let your creativity run wild with posters, cushions and other accessories.

#3 Focus on Fido


You dog is a principal figure in your life, so why not make them the focal point of one of your main rooms? Artist Bill Sullivan created this painting for a family in New York. Using a monochrome palette and not using a frame enables a more cosy and familial atmosphere.

#4 Organise your space


This group of doggy sculptured could seem out of place in such a modern house but placing them in such a way that the dogs seem to come out of their den gives the set more logic and continuity.

#5 Mix your styles


Mixing prints can be a fun way of giving a more whimsical edge to your dog-themed décor.

#6 Think vintage


Human beings have loved dogs for centuries! Have a search on the internet or go to an antiquities store to find a rare pearl that fits perfectly with your thematic.

#7 Dogs outside


If you have a garden, don't hesitate to decorate that too! In the same way that your house decorations express your personality, your garden can do the same! A magnificent statue of a dog can do the trick.

#8 Embrace the unexpected


Let your original, eccentric side loose. Chose pieces that go with the colour scheme of the room but that draw the eye with their contrast. These modern-arty dogs really draw the room together.

Is your house decorated with dogs?

source : thebark

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