Whether it's a birthday, Xmas, or just because, everyone usually asks the same question: what would my loved ones want for a present? This question doesn't only apply to human friends and family - our pets are our loved ones too! So, here are four DIY presents for your cat!

We all know how much cats love presents - their curious nature loves the unexpected and the exciting!

So, here to give you a hand for those special occasions, or just because you're feeling generous, we've found four DIY presents for your cat - and our guess is that they're going to love them!

DIY #1: Grass carrots

Prodigal Pieces published a super DIY article for creating cardboard carrots using cat grass. This natural toy will make your cat go nuts - they'll want to play with it for hours on end! You can find the instructions here.

DIY chat Noël

DIY #2: No-sew cushion

If they didn't already think so, your cat will think themselves royalty on this new cushion! Super easy to make with no sewing or glue needed! Take a look at the Southern Mom Loves blog for instructions.

DIY chat Noël

DIY #3: Cat grass fishing rod

Pretty much all cats love fishing rods! You should definitely give this a shot as this is a sure-fire way to entertain your fur friend. It can be personalised according to what your pet likes by attaching their favourite items to the string. Check out Design Love Fest for instructions!

DIY chat Noël

DIY #4: Gorgeous scratching post 

There are scratching posts and then there are scratching posts. Who hasn't found themselves in the scratching post aisle of a pet store going "pffft, they're all ugly..."? It's time to create a scratching post worthy of your cat's beauty! All the instructions are at Dream A Little Bigger.

DIY chat Noël

Which DIY present is your favourite? Make one and share your pictures with us!

Source: Huffington Post

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