Have you decided to travel with your cat and are unsure about what to bring in their first-aid kit?

It is important to be prepared and be able to provide your cat with any necessary treatment/s should they need it when you travel with them. Whether that be daily medications, motion sickness treatments, or dressings to treat any injuries, your cat’s first-aid kit needs to be prepared carefully.

The first-aid kit for your cat

In your cat’s first-aid kit, you should be able to find a range of relevant medications, treatments and supplies. These will help you ensure your beloved feline's health while you’re away or provide temporary support until you can get them proper medical treatment.

The essentials

Cat’s that suffer from illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or similar will require their daily medication as prescribed by your vet. It is therefore imperative you take these medications with you to ensure the continuation of your pet’s health and wellbeing throughout your travel.

Depending on the length of your trip, it is a good idea to see your vet before you leave to ensure you have sufficient quantities of these essentials.

Preventative measures & treatments

Every trip is different, but there will be certain aspects that you can be prepared for when it comes to any abnormal disruptions to your cat. For example, if you plan on doing a lot of driving, there are various motion sickness medications available that would be worth carrying with you. You might also want to pre-test your cat’s tolerance levels by taking small car trips before your trip. This will help you to understand what your cat will and won’t be up for.

Depending on where you are going and what your pet may be exposed to, it might also be worth carrying anti-parasitic drugs to prevent ticks, fleas, mosquitos etc.

Once again, it is recommended that you see your vet prior to your departure to discuss your travel plans, preventative measures, and treatments they advise you to carry.

Useful supplies

Once medications and treatments have been added to your cat’s first-aid kit, it’s worth considering other useful supplies that you might find yourself needing.

It’s recommended you carry a small bottle of saline solution to clean up any small wounds, especially for around the eye area. Disinfectant will also come in handy for some of these small wounds.

You will also need compression bandages to help heal wounds correctly. Your vet will be able to recommend the best “cat-friendly” products.

Finally, if you are heading somewhere where you’re likely to need anti-parasitic treatments, make sure you include tick-removing tweezers and a flea brush.

Vaccinations: are they up to date?

Before taking any trip, it is important to ensure that your cat's vaccinations are up to date. We strongly advise you bring with you any health records or booklets for your animal. In the event of a more serious injury or accident, this information will give a treating vet a better understanding of your cat’s health history.

What do you normally carry with you when taking your cat on holiday?

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