You want a new bed for your furry friend?

Here's a cheap idea for a trendy, customizable and comfortable basket: transform an old suitcase into a little nest for your dog.


  • A suitcase
  • A white cushion
  • Fabric
  • Paint


This DIY requires no prior knowledge in sewing or crafting. Simply place the cushion in the suitcase, cover it with some fabric and add some toys for your dog or cat to be comfortable.

However, just to be safe, ensure proper maintenance of the suitcase’s top so it does not close on your pet. Solutions can be a chain hanging on the wall or a bracket attached to the hinge of the suitcase to lock it in the open position.

Or, choose to remove the lid of the suitcase.

You can also personalize your suitcase with wooden pegs to make it higher or fabric glued to the lid for a more cozy style.

And if you love the retro/vintage style, you should be able to find beautiful vintage suitcases in flea markets !

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