This wednesday in Indiana, USA, a dog saved his young owner from fire.

A pit bull saves a deaf boy from fire

Nick Lamb is only 13 and was born deaf but wears a cochlear implant. This wednesday afternoon, he was a little tired and decided to take a nap. He took out his cochlear and fell asleep, alone at home with his dog Ace.

When the fire started, the house alarm started beeping, but Nick obviously didn't hear it without its cochlear. But Ace, the 2 and a half years old family pit bull immediately understood something was wrong.

He came into Nick's room and started to lick his face to wake him up. When Nick finally woke up, he didn't realize something was wrong and just thought his dog wanted to go outside. However, he quickly realized that the house was on fire. He grabbed his cochlear, phone and dog and ran out of the house.

The house entirely burnt down, but thanks to Ace, Nick is all right and according to his mum Lindsay Bernard, that's the most important thing. She deplores pitt bulls' bad reputation, because they are actually kind, smart, affectionate and she owes her son's life to one of them.

Nick says that his dog is a hero, and that he loves him even more now!

Pixie, the family pet cat also escaped unharmed.

photo credit : FoxNews 

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