If you feel that your cat is stressed because of a visit to the vet or a recent move, you can provide them with a relaxing massage and make them the happiest cat around!

However, you must not act as a profession cat masseur but learn the right way to do it!

  • Win your cat's trust:

Before you start massaging your cat, you must win their trust! Use your smoothest voice and wait for them to come to you naturally. Then, start petting them gently and when you are sure they're in the right mood (maybe they're purring?), you can start the massage!

Use you full hand to gently rub your cat where they like to be petted. Be gentle and slow, and if they enjoy it, you can go on!

  • Massaging your cat's back and sides :

Once your cat is relaxed, you can start massaging their back and sides. Make circular and slow movements with your hand and make sure that your cat's enjoying it.

  • Massaging your cat's head :

To massage your cat's head, you must wait until you are sure that they accept the back massage and are perfectly relaxed. Massage the top of their head, around their ears and the back of their head. Be really gentle when you massage their face.

  • Massaging your cat's neck:

To massage your cat's neck, wait until they're raising their head (that means that they're allowing you to touch this part of their body). Use your fingers and gently make circular moves along their neck.

  • Massaging your cat's belly:

This is the most sensitive part your cat's anatomy. Even if they enjoyed your massage so far, they might not want you to touch their belly anyway. If you fell that they're willing to be turned around, place your cat on their back and carefully try to massage their belly with gentle and circular moves.

You can give your cat massages as often as you want! If your cat is particularly stressed, try to do it on regular basis, for example once a day, and wait to see if they relax.

Photo credit : Yummypets

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