For those who still doubt it: dogs are sentient beings with feelings.

If you sometimes wonder if your dog really loves you, or just recognizes you as the person who feeds them, scientists now have the answer.

A study has shown that animals also experience feelings. Several dogs have indeed participated in an experiment to determine dogs' responsiveness to their owners.

These dogs were given kibbles by strangers, a robot, and by their owners. It turned out that animals reacted differently depending on the person who gave them food which proves that they are not only sensitive to food but to the person who gives them the food.

The researchers from the University of Atlanta are therefore questioning old beliefs that wanted these animals to only be attracted by food, regardless of who gave it to them.

They are therefore loving beings, capable of experiencing feelings just like humans.

No doubt that your partner is all the more grateful when you give them something to eat rather than if it came from a stranger!

Source and photo credit: levif

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