We can never be too careful. An accident with your pets can happen quickly. Here's a list of precautions you should to avoid those accidents:

  • Never disturb a dog when they sleep or eat
  • Do not remove what they (proudly) holds in the mouth like a bone or a toy
  • Not intervene in a dog fight
  • Do not abuse or tease a dog (like pulling the tail or ears) even while playing and if they start growling, back off immediately
  • Never touch a strange dog, do not make the first gesture of friendship towards them
  • Do not place your face at their height
  • Beware of elderly dogs, who are sometimes jealous and aggressive
  • Sterilize your pet
  • Consider diseases such as rheumatism- old pets may bite when in pain or for prevention
  • Do not leave a child alone with a dog
  • Assert your hierarchical position to your animal

What else would you suggest?

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