When you walk your dog outside, you may sometimes be afraid of a fight with a fellow dog. Today, we give you the advice you need to stop a dog fight safely.

It is important to know that dog fights are caused by a socialization problem. If a dog is not used to being around other dogs from a young age, even just once in a while, they could be aggressive when they come across other dogs. In order to avoid this behaviour, make sure that your dog socializes with others, for example gathering with other owners to walk your dogs together. If you notice that your dog is getting aggressive with another dog, use a firm voice and say “No”.

What not to do during a dog fight

Don’t try to separate the two animals by grabbing their collars; the dogs could bite you, because in the heat of the moment they don’t realize that it’s your hand and not the other dog.

Do not shout at your dog. This will stress and irritate both dogs and the situation will get worse. You should try to stay calm, and remember that dogs can feel your fear.

What to do during a dog fight

Pour cold water on the dog’s heads; if you have either a hose, bucket or bottle surprise the dogs by throwing the water on them. This will stop the fight and separate them.

Cover the dog’s heads with a thick towel or blanket. This will ‘blind’ them and they should stop fighting.

If you don’t have a blanket or water, separate the dogs manually. Ask the other owner to grab their dog’s hind legs at the same moment you grab your dog’s legs and pull them apart. Both dogs will lose their balance and the fight should stop.

If you are alone, grab the legs or the tail of the dog biting the other dog and they should let go.

If the dog will not let go of the other dog or person they are biting, it is a dangerous situation. For the dog to open his mouth immediately, insert the tip of your finger into the dog’s rectum. This unpleasant situation will surprise the dog and he should release the pressure of his bite immediately.

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