It is well known that our beloved cats friends want to dominate the world by eliminating humans! If your cat practices the 10 behaviors listed below, you might be in danger!

1.Your cat likes pressuring your body with one leg and then the other
One might think that this is a sign of affection, actually, your cat is testing your internal organs failures.

2.Your cat puts their paws on your face when you sleep
Choking is not a cat specialty since their paws are too small to cover both your nose and mouth, but nothing prevents them from trying anyway.

3.Your cat brings you dead animals
You've never seen The Godfather? It is not a gift - it's a warning...

4.When you enter a room, your cat flees
When your cat does that, you've just escaped the ambush they were planning.

5. Your cat sleeps on your electronic equipment
Humans have a fairly advanced technology - your cat knows this and will use all possible means to prevent you from communicating with the outside world in case of attack.


6. Your cat plays with their litter granules
It is not because they don't like the smell, it is only because they are learning to bury a body.

7. Your cat stares at you for several minutes with a questioning look
Please look them in the eyes. If you don't, it would be interpreted as a sign of weakness, and an attack could follow this.

8. Your cat purges himself with grass
The Jivaro Indians also do this every morning, it helps to cleanse the body and mind before you go to war or hunting.

9. Your cat is hides in dark places to watch you
Wardrobe, carpet, bed, all the observatories are good to watch their prey in a natural environment.

10. Your cat meows constantly
They want to make you crazy enough to throw yourself out the window. The perfect crime.

So does your cat want your death?

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