Here is Harlow, a beautiful Weimaraner who, like many, has his own account on Instagram.

With over 53,000 followers, Harlow loves taking pictures of himself, which reminds us of the girls that post duckface photos of themselves ... Except that, with Harlow, it's cool!

Looking crazy when I don't get my kibbles

harlow yummypets q

Hello Ladies, fancy me today?

harlow yummypets a

When I see Leo's fat tummy

harlow yummypets e

After a tough night partying!

harlow yummypets g

Check out the glasses!

harlow yummypetst

Is this dog trying to photo bomb me?

harlow yummypetsr

Waiting for my owner to wake up and throw the ball!

harlow yummypets#

I'm also known as Doggy Guetta, the best DJ in the dog world!

harlow yummypets

Love my profile too!

harlow yummypets j

Discover all Harlow's photos on Instagram!

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