Does your cat ever try to drink water from the faucet? It's definitely a funny sight to see! In this short article, we will explain why cats do this.

Cats may live with us as friends and companions, however, they are still animals that follow their instincts. These instincts have helped their ancestors survive and protect themselves from dangers out in the wild. Domestic cats have maintained their instincts, letting them know that it's better to drink running water. Even humans have learned that water from puddles or ponds is not as safe to drink as running water because stagnant water can carry bacteria.

In order to keep your cat happy, it's important to regularly wash their bowls and change their water. This is because cats are very sensitive to the taste of water. It's also possible to find water fountains specifically made for cats.

When your cat is given the choice between a bowl of water left outside all day and a steady stream of fresh water coming out of a faucet, it's obvious what your cat will prefer.

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How often does your cat drink from the faucet?

Originally written by Fabien Osten (Yummypets) and translated by Jennifer Eubank (Yummypets)

Source: iheartscats

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