Most dogs behave badly and make mistakes because they are bored and lonely. This is mainly due to a lack of stimulation or inadequate education when they were puppies.

By providing your dog with a dose of daily exercise, you will avoid many problems. For dog owners with playful dogs, here is some advice on how to walk your dog.

Make sure that you have:

  • A collar for your dog: it must be strong and not hurt
  • A retractable leash
  • Treats
  • A toy: to keep your dog entertained during the walk
  • Plastic bags: to pick up their poop (try to make them do their business before the walk)

What to do:

  • Train your dog to simply wear the leash and collar when they are still a puppy to learn faster.
  • Always use the same words, such as "come" or "go", when you walk your dog to stay as coherent as possible.  Therefore remember to show them what to do at the same time you announce the order.
  • Use treats to reward your dog when they obey.

What not to do:

  • Do not let dog walk ahead of you. As soon as they pull on the leash too much, give one or two jerks on the leash, without strangling them of course.
  • If your dog does not walk quietly, consider replacing the collar with a harness.
  • Do not go for long walks without stopping (the goal is not to tire the dog) or in high heat (dogs, with their fur, do not do well with the effort when it gets too hot).

Tips and Tricks:

  • Don't forget that you are the owner! You are walking your dog, not the other way around. To make them understand, make your dog sit when you put their leash to show them that you are the one in charge.
  • Once home, give them a bowl of fresh water.

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