Famous players from a New Zealand rugby team, the Canterbury Crusaders, caused outraged on Facebook when they posted photos of themselves and animals they had hunted in South Africa.

The Hunting Trip

During a trip to South Africa, the players went hunting in a private reservation and killed at least one zebra, one eland, one blesbok and one gemsbok. They proudly took pictures with the animals and posted it all over social media.

South African organisation, The Landmark Foundation, posted the pictures on Facebook with the following comment: “Here are the Crusaders rugby players killing wildlife for laughs on a recent visit to South Africa.”

The Public Not Impressed

People are outraged because even though it is legal to kill a zebra and buck in South Africa, they consider it morally wrong to do so.

The Players’ Opinion

Rugby played Sam Whitelock had the following to say: “[We] made sure we didn’t shoot something for fun because that’s not what we are about – it’s something I feel very strongly about.”

Dr Bool Smiths, director of The Landmark Foundation, thinks these photos make the high profile people in them look bad. When this was pointed out to Whitelock he said that it was the players’ choices to go on the hunting trip, and all was legal.

 Credit: Daily Mail & Facebook

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    Karen O They didn't shoot them for fun? Did the zebra attack them? Is there a big problem with psychotic zebras of which I was not aware?