The young american man Aaron Schneider was driving on a Nevada highway when he witnessed a car hitting a dog.

The reckless driver drove away and Aaron immediately rushed toward the dog to rescue him. He had to stride over 3 crash barriers and risked his life trying to avoid cars. He spent 3 hours with the dog on the side of the highway. Then, thanks to his friend's help, he decided to build a makeshift stretcher to drive the dog to the veterinarian clinic. Buster wasn't doing very well when he got there : 5 broken ribs, a torn trachea and an internal bleeding. Thanks to the veterinarians, Buster is now out of the woods.

After this incredible rescuing, Aaron decided to adopt the adorable Beagle.

I wish them a very sweet and happy life together! 

Un homme prend soin de Buster, un chien blessé par une voiture

Source and photo credit : Guide du chien

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