More than one in two households have a cat or a dog. Of these, 53% love organizing vacations with their pet, 42% see it as a real headache and 5% as a chore.

Thus, 80% of animals that are abandoned are done so during the summer. Shelters are overwhelmed by these arrivals, struggling each year to accommodate all these animals in distress.

There are other solutions than abandoning!

This year, 38% of pet parents are choosing to leave with their 4 legged companion, the remaining 62% opting for dog sitting. Note that it is easier to find a pet sitter for cats (69% against 46% for dogs) and that canine owners take their dogs on holidays more often (54% against 31%).

If you bring your pet on vacation with you:

First, contact your resort to see if they will accept your pet or not and under what conditions. Better to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Once there, do not change their habits either. Then plan to have enough food to "hold" several days if you do not immediately find their usual brand. If you go to a country where it is unlikely to get their kibble in stores, ask your veterinarian for advice beforehand. Also remember to take one or two toys they like to make them feel reassured.

Before traveling abroad inform yourself about the health and administrative standards imposed by your country of destination. Since July 3, 2011, your animal must be identified by a microchip (unless tattooed before that date) and must have a European passport. For more information, contact the embassy of the country where you will be staying and talk to your veterinarian.


Consider organizing transport!

By car:

If you go by car, make sure that your pet does not suffer from motion sickness (medicines exist), eat light before the trip and take breaks regularly to stretch a bit.

By train:

At the same time that you book your travel tickets, report that you plan to take your pet and inquire about the conditions of travel. Your pet also must have a ticket. Remember that the smallest of our companions must be transported in a suitable bag, some other must be muzzled and they must all be on a leash!

By plane:

At the same time that you book your travel tickets, report that you plan to take your pet and inquire about the conditions of travel. Rates vary according to air companies. Generally you can keep your pet in the cabin in a suitable bag if they weigh less than 4kg. Otherwise, they will be placed in the hold (ventilated, heated and pressurized) in a specific cage marketed by airlines that you will provide.


If you choose the pet-sitting solution

You have decided to have your dog kept during your vacation time, several options are available:

- You can take your pet to close family, friends... who know your pet and you already trust. A simple and economical solution but not always possible.

- You use a dog or cat-sitter who will come for daily visits to take care of your pet. They will not be disturbed by a change of environment and thus keep their bearings.

- You get the services of home care. After contacting a home care agency, you will be connected with a person or a couple (often retired animal lovers) that will remain at home during your stay. This ensures both the safety of your home and your pet.

- You drop your four-legged friend in a special pension for animals and maintained by qualified personnel or in a foster family through an organization that will carefully selected the foster home.

- You still have the choice to use an exchange service. Free, you'll have to take care of someones pet sometime in exchange.



Train your cat or dog to stay with other people during your absence (family, friends ...) by leaving them for an afternoon at first, and if possible one or two weekends before your holidays.

Also remember to leave their health record, the number of your veterinarian and a close contact in case of problems and maybe one or two toys that your pet likes.

It's actually not that complicated to plan your pet's vacation.

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