Jason Hanson, 35, is doing an 80km bike ride from Forest Town, Bakewell, to raise 1500 euros for Roxy, to help her fight a deadly kidney disease.

Expensive Treatments

Roxy, a 10-month-old boxer puppy, is suffering from kidney failure. The disease requires 12 hours of dialysis a day to cleanse her body of toxins, which she cannot do naturally. These treatments are very expensive and Roxy’s owners insurance won’t pay any longer. Jill Holdworth, from South Yorkshire, was devastated when she found out about her Roxy being sick.

Raising Money

Jason, who is a dog lover, decided to do this bike ride to raise money to pay for Roxy’s vet fees. The money is going for her treatments and for special food to improve her quality of life. Unfortunately, Roxy’s life expectancy is only three years.

After The Ride

Jason completed the charity bike ride in 5 hours and had the following to say:

“I feel so proud of what we have achieved and thank all who have contributed with pledges, kind words and genuine heartfelt support from the bottom of my heart. I would never want to be in a position where my dog could not have the quality of life it deserved.”

We hope Roxy will take full advantage of her remaining time and live the life she deserves!

Source : chad.co.uk

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