Alex and Kennady were very worried when their dog began to develop a terrible cough. Strangely however, it seemed to vanish as quickly as it began.

Staying home from work

According to the Dodo, Kennedy was at home one lunch time with her dog Sullivan. As she began to leave, she heard an awful coughing sound coming from the pup.

She was so concerned that she rang her husband, Alex, who returned home from work early to keep an eye on the Sullivan. Strangley, his cough disappeared and they assumed it was because he had something stuck in his throat.

However, the next day as they began to leave for work again, the noise came back. This prompted Alex o stay home from work again, eventually taking him to the vets to work out the cause of the intermittent problem.

The vet, as it happened, couldn’t find a single thing wrong with the dog. Sullivan was sent home with a diagnosis of ‘pulling a sickie’ and the owners with an 85$ invoice!


Animals acting ill

Pets can act sick in order to get attention. The best way to combat this is to give them care and affection when they are healthy as well as ill. Otherwise they will learn that displaying certain symptoms leads to extra attention, and do these things as a result, despite being healthy.

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Source: The Dodo

Images: Kennady Longhurst

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