These guys were fated to meet!

These different animals have found their lookalikes... but before you become convinced that they're twins, take a closer look - they're from different species!

These 15 cases of animal brother from another mother must feel like they're constantly looking in a mirror. But luckily for them, they get on as much as they look alike! Take a look:

jumeaux-1-05-2016 jumeaux-2-05-2016 jumeaux-3-05-2016 jumeaux-4-05-2016 jumeaux-5-05-2016 jumeaux-6-05-2016 jumeaux-7-05-2016 jumeaux-8-05-2016 jumeaux-9-05-2016 jumeaux-10-05-2016 jumeaux-11-05-2016 jumeaux-12-05-2016 jumeaux-13-05-2016 jumeaux-14-05-2016 jumeaux-cover-05-2016

Do you think these animals look alike?

Source photo : Facebook/Instagram/Reddit/BoredPanda

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