Nobody really knows why, maybe because of the heat, but you may have noticed that most cats love computers. If your furball spends too much time near it, you may need to protect your computer... but also your cat.

5 tips from Yummypets

  • Make sure that the electrical cables and wires are out of range (they can be tied together) and think about storing everything you are not currently using so your cat won't chew on it, which could be dangerous for them.
  •  Regularly clean the ventilation system in your computer that is likely to be blocked up by your cat's hair. Protect your keyboard with a cover when not in use.

Comment rendre son ordinateur "cat proof" ?

  • Close your laptop and store it when you are away to avoid the claw marks on the surface of the computer or on the keyboard.

  • To prevent your cat from walking on your keyboard, fix a plank underneath your desk were you will put the keyboard so you can easily store as soon as you move farther.

  • If you really want to keep the cat away from your electronics, you can always make your office unpleasant and difficult to access (with lots of books, papers and objects around) or try a cat repellent, but do not spray  it on your computer!

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