You think you know absolutely everything about cats? Think again! Today Yummypets tells you a few secrets about these mysterious animals!


Cats have the ability to significantly alter their purr to manipulate their owners! Purring called solicitation is placed on acute frequency inaudible to humans. The person who hears it will instinctively feed the cat!
Also note that the purring can improve our bone density!


All cats have a natural reservoir of Bartonella bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for cat scratch disease, a disease that is transmitted from cats to humans after a scratch. The infection can appear two months after the scratch !


You thought your cat kneads your tummy in memory of their mother? Indeed, kittens knead their mother's belly when they want milk. Adult cats knead to mark their odor. The smell is left by perspiration secreted by their pads.
If your cat shows you their behind after being petted, it means that they like you very much!


When your cat walks with their tail in the air and slightly curved, it is a sign of deep respect for the person they are approaching.

Did you know all these little things ?

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