Border Terrier, Rocco, was only five years old when he tragically died in a freak accident.

Tributes paid to Rocco

Pet parents across the internet have been taking off their dogs' collars in photo tributes to the deceased puppy.

Rocco’s owners’ mum made the awful discovery when they came home and found him the kitchen. His collar had gotten caught on the door handle after he had evidently tried to jump onto the counter top.


Adrian James, Rocco’s owner posted in a Facebook group for Border Terriers, announcing the puppy’s death and warning others about the dangers.

A gleam of hope

Out of this terrible tragedy, came something beautiful. Members of the group begin to post photos of their dogs without collars in tribute. These photos were acccompanied by the hashtag #collarsoffforrocco on Facbook, Instagram and Twitter.

The tributes have not only helped raise awareness for dog safety but also almost £6,000 for Border Terrier Welfare, thanks to a Just Giving page set up by the Facebook group’s administrator.

Although collars are required by law in public places, this tragic set of circumstances has raised questions about their necessity inside the house.

Adrian’s sister, Sally Thomas, told the Metro that she hopes people will consider this seriously: “Does your dog need its collar on whilst at home?” she asked “Chances are it does not, it is an unseen danger and one most of us have never thought about.”

Hopefully coverage of Rocco's untimely death will help prevent further tragedies.

Photo credit:@skip_the_border_terrier

Adrian James

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