Cat owners everywhere know that their beloved pets strike the strangest poses.

Here is a photo compilation of cats in the strangest positions that is sure to make you smile!

#1 Home already?

chat bengal

#2 Any ideas how I get down? 

chat grimpe mur

#3 They say stretching is good for you

chat étirements

#4 Netflix time 

chat assis canapé

#5 Some days are just difficult

chaton gris dort

#6 Shall we play dominos?

chat tabby gris blanc assis

#7 Suuuch a comfortable chair 

chat roux canape

#8 Pole dancing classes are paying off

chat bleu russe

#9 Time to practice my best smile for date night

chat miroir

#10 I tried something new. I now regret it.

chat gris

#11 But you shouted "dinner's ready"...

chat blanc table

#12 How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?

chat ampoule

#13 What do you mean it's not a real horse?chat cheval a bascule

#14 Let’s get out of here!

chat noir et blanc

#15 I’ve been waiting for you, human.

chat blanc assis escalier

#16 Yoga time

chat yoga

#17 Must...reach...bottom...of...bowl

chat noir

#18 Hand ups!

chat noir et blanc

#19 I’m not stuck, who said I was stuck?

chat douche

#20 Practicing for the "catwalk"

chat roux

Does you find your cat in strange positions?

Source : Bored Panda

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