"To fight like dogs and cats" is an idiom a lot of pets love to put an end to by becoming best friends!

Bluff master !

The advantage of cats over dogs is that they usually have the last word. Even a young kitten is able to make a strong impression on a big dog, by spitting and hissing. Cats are bluff masters! When you first get your kitten, let them get settled in one room: their litter, food and bed will generate noises and smells that your dog will identify and get used to. Then, introduce your kitten to your dog. Teach your dog how to behave, for example not pushing the kitten with their snout. Unlike for cats, you need be patient and repeat to your dog the message several times.

Dog's food down, Cat's food up

To live well together, we all need to be able to listen our biorhythm without being annoyed by others. Your dog is able, and happy, to eat twice a day; but your cat needs a lot of smaller meals every time that they're hungry. The easiest way is to feed your cat somewhere high, like on a table or a counter top, away from your dog's snout and paws! You can feed your dog normally on the floor, even if the cat might try dog food once, they will quickly understand it's not for them!

Cat's private place

Even if your cat LOVES to lay down in your dog's bed, it's important that they both have distinct beds. Your cat should be able to stay in a quiet and private zone anytime they want to, preferably elevated.

Photo credit : Yummypets

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