You might be considering adopting a pet, a longtime friend to share your daily life with. Cat, dog, tortoise, rat, hamster, snake... whatever pet you choose to adopt, it will involve obligations, but also an indescribable joy.

Here are the 7 reasons why adopting a pet is awesome for both of you: 

1) Your kid's best friend

Kids are naturally attracted to animals. Having a pet at home will help your child understand the life cycle, help them open themselves to the world and most importantly, provide him their best buddy ever.

2) An help to isolation and loneliness

People living alone find a really reassuring presence in a pet. Indeed, their pets are reliable and provide them with a lot of affection. If they own a dog, they have to walk them and thus, go out and meet people. Studies show that pet owners are less likely to have Alzheimer's disease.

3) A reason to start exercising!

If you decide to adopt a dog, no more lazy Sunday in the couch! Let's go out for a long walk or even a run! Your dog will motivate you to exercise outdoors and you will love it!

4) Give a sense of responsibilities to your children

Children learn respect, tolerance and responsibilities when they have to take care of a pet daily. They also learn to protect them and to focus their energy when around the animal.

5) Better health

When children are in contact with dogs and cats at a young age, they are exposed to bacteria and become resistant to them. It's also proved that children living with pets are less likely to have asthma and allergies.


6) Offer a second chance to an abandoned animal

Adopting a pet from a shelter is a good deed! You'll save a life and find yourself a longtime friend!

7) An happier daily life

Owning a pet decreases anxiety. Their positive impact on your life is proved by several studies, especially with depressed people. Pets are the best stress reliever!

Think twice before you adopt a pet, but if you are ready, go for it!

Photo credit: Yummypets - Pinterest

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