We all take family photos and we love to include our pets! Looking back at old photos of our furry friends can be incredibly entertaining and memorable. Photodoto offers some great tips for pet photography to get that perfect photo of your furry friend so you'll have it forever!

The Right Personality

Animal personalities have a way of showing in the eyes of our furry friends. Snapshots of these moments are priceless and inevitably draw a smile or laugh.

If you're aiming to capture one of these "looks", try using toys and treats to get their attention while taking a few pictures. If they're a well trained dog (even cat if you're lucky), get them to sit and ask them a question? Often, their reaction will be one of curiosity where the eyes and position of head becomes the focus. With each shot, you will notice that your pet's eyes look different as their emotions change. Play around until you find the perfect one!


Eye Level

The next trick is to get onto the same level as your pet. These types of shots will feel more personal and real as you eliminate most of the background 'noise' and focus on the animal directly. Your pet may feel more comfortable like this as well, as it can sometimes be intimidating to the animal if you are standing over them with a camera. It can also feel like you are playing with them, which could get you some amazing shots! It should also bring some variety into your photos.

Up close and personal

Macro photography can also be a great idea. These are close-up photos of your pets and can range from their paws and noses to their fur. This type of photography gives you many options as well, although can sometimes be tricky to take if your pet is a mover.

First, find something unique or small that you love about your pet - fur marking, nose, paw, whiskers, tail, etc. Next, focus your lens entirely on that spot so that it fills the entire picture. Tip: the best time to do this is when your pet is asleep or very relaxed, so you can get up close and personal!


No flash

It is best not to use the flash on your camera when taking photos of your pets. This could startle or frighten them, which we clearly don't want to do. It can also give them that red-eye look.

Try to avoid direct sunlight when outside, particularly if your pet has white or pale fur as they could look over-exposed. Finding the right lighting is key to a good photo!

Do you have any tips for taking photos of animals? 

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