The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very affectionate, snuggly and loyal breed. In fact, they're much like big teddy bears! Learn more about the Bernese here.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being a calm and friendly breed. Compared to many other breeds, some would even call them clingy.

The origins of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog originates from Switzerland, more precisely from Burgdorf near Berne.

Some theorize that this dog is descended from the Tibettan dog, but others think that it is a very ancient local breed. They have appeared in texts from the beginning of the 20th century.

This breed served for a long time in armies as well as search dogs in the mountains today. They are also used as guide dogs for those with reduced sight, but they also make excellent pets.

The breed has long completed missions even in bad weather and harsh terrain.

bouvier bernois

Physical characteristics

This dog breed is a powerful one, rustic and robust. Their weight varies from 40 to 50 kg in females and 50 to 60 kg in males.

The maleBernese Mountain Dog can measure up to 70 cm while females do not grow to be over 66 cm.

Their coat is tricoloured: black and red with white on their chest, paws and head.

They can be sensitive to high temperatures because of their thick fur.

bouvier bernois

The Bernese Mountain Dog's personality

This dog breed is known for being affectionate and gentle, asking only for love in return. They don't enjoy being separated from their pet parent and need human contact constantly, often being classed as 'clingy'.

The Bernese Mountain Dog absolutely loves food. Despite their imposing size, this dog can sometimes prove to be a chicken.

Their education must be completed gently as they don't enjoy being scolded. The ideal situation for this breed is a large garden where they can expend their energy.

bouvier bernois

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