Ferrets are clean animals, but they need education to use a litter box, unlike cats.

Ferrets won't relieve themselves where they eat or sleep. They do so in a small area of their cage. If your ferret lives in their cage, make sure that their bed is in one corner, food and water is in another and their litterbox is in the opposite corner. If it's a cage with multiple levels, have a litter box at every level.

How to litter train your ferret

Make sure the litter box is always clean, otherwise your ferret won't use it. Although, don't entirely clean up the litter box. If it's too clean, your ferret might use the litter as a playground!

When you let your ferret out of their cage, make sure to provide them with a litter box.

When your ferret uses their litter box, reward them with treats. They will understand that using the litter box is good behaviour.

Credit photo : Yummypets

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