For all those of you that have a dog in your life, you know how amazing it to have gained the love and trust of a four-legged friend.

Dogs are known for their unconditional love and their unbreakable loyalty, but even though we know that our fluffballs will always be by our sides, we love it when they show it!

Of course, two dogs won't necessarily show their affection in the same way, but there are certain things that nearly all dogs do. Read on to find out five sure-fire signs that your dog loves you!

Morning! Time to get up!

chien qui lèche sa maîtresse au lit

Does a warm little snout nuzzle you in the morning to wake you up? It might be time to go out or fill up their breakfast bowl but often, they love you so much that they just want you to be awake so that you can spend time with them.

They stay calm when you leave the house

chien qui attend sagement dans un fauteuil

When your dog reigns with quiet dignity over the house or goes to their bed to wait patiently for you come back from work or the shops, when they don't panic the moment you step out the door, it's a sign of love! They have learnt to trust that you will always come back to them.

When they 'dog' your footsteps

chien qui suit son maître

Dogs are certainly not cats in that they don't sneak around the house like a ninja in a hostile environment, so when your dog follows you around, the cause is simple: they just want to be by the side of their best bud.

Resting on you

chien qui se fait caresser avec une balle dans la gueule

This is something that all dogs, no matter their size or breed, do. They lie on top of you to feel arm and connected, just like a pack of wolf brothers. So cute, right?

Bringing you their fave toys

chien qui apporte un frisbee

Dogs are often like children in that they sometimes have the irrepressible urge to play. But if you see that your dog brings you their favorite toy, that means that they love you! It means that they respect you as their leader, because they are giving you first pick. They look up to you!

Tell us how your dog shows you their love!

source : iheartdog

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