Have you ever made a bucket list? James made one for his beloved dog, Elmo, who has been diagnosed with liver cancer, bladder disease and renal failure. They plan to complete this bucket list together!


James adopted Elmo when he was just a puppy. After 16 years together Elmo is seriously ill and has only been given a couple of months to live. For most people pets are a part of the family and James feels this way too. Instead of spending the last months of Elmo’s life crying at home, James wanted to take him around New York to do the coolest things.

James Garcia said: “I decided not to sit and cry but to make the moments together matter, and decided to take him to every one of my favourite NYC spots!”

The Bucket List

Elmo cannot walk very well anymore so James bought a special dog stroller and they hit the city together! Some of the places they went included; a burger at Shake Shack, Times Square, watching the sunset in Manhattan and the Stonewall Inn.

Have a look at the photos James posted on Facebook while completing Elmo’s bucket list!


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Source: Buzzfeed

Photos: Facebook

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