A man specialising in animal rescue saved four baby squirrels after a terrible cyclone.

While he was looking after the little ones, his cat, Netty, let her maternal instincts shine though and came to help.

The squirrels were left to fend for themselves

Peter, a man with a big heart, took in the four baby squirrels who desperately needed help.

"During a cyclone, we found a need near the door. Four baby squirrels were in this nest. They were so small, they managed to survive the cyclone," said Peter. Very impressive for newborns!

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Netty gave Peter a paw

He fed the babies with a syringe and kept them warm and snuggled up with blankets and cushions.

The cat of the family, Netty, who had been found on the side of the road when she was still a kitten, was intrigued by the new arrivals. Peter therefore introduced Netty to the baby squirrels.

After having sniffed them, Netty let the little ones cuddle up against her. She just wanted to give the same love and care that she had received when she was saved.

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The return of the mother

"We noticed a squirrel who was sneaking around the house. It was the mother who was looking for her babies. Luckily, we had left the nest near the window," said Peter. "Unfortunately, outside, the weather was so bad we felt it was too risky to let the babies out immediately."

Peter therefore waited for two days while the bad weather slowly dissipated. He hoped that one of the babies would cry so that their mother would hear them and come to pick them up. And that is exactly what happened.

Peter and his family placed the babies outside and their mother came to get them one by one. It was a magnificent scene to behold, and Peter and his family all teared up with joy.

 chat ami écureuil

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Source : Lovemeow.com

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