Meet Tyson, the adorable Chihuahua/ Lhasa Apso cross puppy, who might just be the smallest dog in Great Britain!

The Tiny Pooch

Tyson, the tiny pooch, was rejected by his mother and siblings because he was just too small to suckle. Little Tyson is about 10 cm high and weighs around 300 grams! He fits into the palm of his owner’s hand!

Tyson’s owner, Rosemarie McLinden, had to feed Tyson with a pipette every two hours. Unfortunately she had to take him away from the rest of the litter, because his brothers and sisters were too big and they thought that he was a toy!

The First Walk

Rosemarie could not find a collar to fit the tiny dog’s neck. She has however recently found a ferret harness that fits him and Tyson went for his first walk with that. It wasn’t a very long walk because those tiny legs can only go so far!

Healthy Dog

Tyson is however a very healthy dog and even experiments with real dog food now! He probably won’t grow much taller but he has filled out a little!

Credit: JPress

            SWNS Group

            Daily Mail


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    YummyOrNot Y Aww

    Pamela W Well done to Tyson's owner for not giving up. Hope he has a long and happy life.