This stray cat was loved by all. He lounged arounds on benches, always in the same way... His striking behaviour made him famous, and now he has had a bronze statue in his likeness made in his honour.

Tombili, a cat recognised by all

Tombili was a well known figure on the streets of Istanbul. No one knew whether he had a home, but one thing is sure - this cat didn't lack for anything. Whether it be affection or food, a number of residents made sure to respond to all of Tombili's needs.

This special cat become popular even beyond the frontiers of his home country, because media outlets spoke of him throughout Europe. Many visitors played the game of trying to get a selfie of Tombili, making him even more popular.

A sad passing

It was with much sadness that the residents learnt that Tombili had become ill. He died in August of an unknown illness. After this sad event, the residents decided to create a memorial to honour Tombili's memory.

This lead was fixed to a tree to preserve Tombili's memory, but for certain people of the area, this wasn't enough. A petition was therefore launched asking the city to create a statue of Tombili's likeness in order to honour him and reminds all of the smiles that he brought to so many faces. The petition collected more than 17,000 signatures, and the city agreed to put the statue in place.

La statue a été officiellement dévoilée aujourd'hui, pour le plus grand bonheur du quartier. Reposes en paix beau Tombili.

Que pensez-vous de cette histoire ? Avez-vous des chats comme Tombili dans votre quartier ?

Source : The dodo

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