Andrew Klein, a firefighter from Santa Monica in California saved the life of a small dog called Marley…

The animal was unconscious when he was brought out from the building that had caught fire.

A fire broke out in Marley's apartment block

Just a week ago, a fire broke out in the building where Marley lived with his pet parent. The poor pet was found trapped inside the apartment.

Billy Fernando, a photographer, happened to pass in front of the building when he spotted the firefighters on the scene of the fire and decided to stop and observe the scene.

"While I was looking in from the outside, I saw a firefighter run towards the grass with something in his arms. I realised that it was a small animal that had been trapped in the fire. The dog was unconscious and was not moving at all," said Fernando.

sauvetage de marley par un pompier sauvetage de marley par un pompier

The dog was asphyxiated from the toxic fumes

After having attempted to resuscitate the dog with an oxygen mask, Andrew realised that other measures were necesary.

"He started to do mouth-to-mouth with the pet, as well as a heart massage, without a moment of hesitation," said the photographer.

sauvetage de marley par un pompier sauvetage de marley par un pompier

The firefighter refused to give up

The pet parent of Marley was by the pet's side and watched the firefighter fight for the life of her dog. She seemed terrified at the idea that her dog would never wake up.

However, after over 20 minutes of effort, Marley started to show signs of life.

"I cried tears of joy when I saw that the dog was alive," said Fernando.

Marley started to come back to himself. He seemed disoriented but was now out of danger and was quickly taken to a veterinary clinic.

sauvetage de marley par un pompier

Marley thanked his saviour

"We are all very thankful to Andrew Klein, what a hero," said Fernando.

"Firefighters have always been model citizens for me and I deeply admire them for what they do for the community. Witnessing such an operation was a priviledge," he added.

Although this was surely a day like any other for Andrew and his colleagues, their devotion and perseverance will never be forgotten.

Finally, Marley could even thank his hero personally.sauvetage de marley par un pompier

Source : The Dodo

Crédit photos : Billy Fernando

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