Breaking news: Thursday night, 6 teens heading out of a night club stole a Llama name Serge, in Bordeaux, France.

Drunk teens in France stole an 8-year-old llama named Serge from a Franco-Italian circus. They had just stumbled out of a nightclub before stealing the animal. They eventually took the llama onto a tram stop where they hopped on a train, and took some photos with Serge.


The driver called the train security who eventually got the llama out.

After changing trains, the teenagers were caught by the cops and arrested, but since no harm was done, the owner of Serge didn't press charges.

Serge the llama has reunited with his owners, so hopefully he's happy and healthy back home.

What a weird idea to steal a llama! But those guys made some nice "Kuzco" pics!

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