It's nearly the holidays... Good news, but not necessarily for everyone: This is the time of the year 60,000 pets will be abandoned once more...

Can your pet come with you? Who will feed and walk them while you're not there? No panic, there are solutions better than abandoning your pet!

Pet boarding

Be careful not to wait until the last moment to reserve and do not forget that a site visit is required before leaving your furry friend.

Besides, do not hesitate to do a test on one or two days before leaving your pet during your absence. Make sure it is comfortable, safe and well-being: this is essential!

Pet sitting

Pet sitters have become very popular, whether they are professionals or just have a passion for pets, you can find a pet sitter near your home that will take care of your pet: feed them, play with them and walk them! You can either bring your pet to the pet sitter, or the professional will come to your house! A great solution if you don't want your pet to loose their markers! And this way, you can be sure that someone has an eye on your house too!

Here's a list of websites which includes pet sitters:

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