Sarah Ann Stevens made a surprising discovery in her car while at a pit-stop at Costco. She heard a strange sound coming from her hood, and when she opened it she found a cat wedged behind her car engine.

The Discovery

Stevens was driving from Chewelah to Spokane in Washington and on her pit- stop she heard the cat making noises. When she found the cat in the hood she called for help, and two customers and a man from the Costco tire centre came to help extract the poor cat.

Saving The Cat

It was quite the operation to get the cat out. Stevens had to push the cat from the front, while a man had to pull from the back to free him. Once free, the cat curled up on Seven’s lap and made himself comfortable. The cat had a small burn on his nose, but otherwise seemed unharmed.

Thomas Up For Adoption

Steven recognised the cat; Thomas had shown up at her house about two years ago and she even gave him a name. Thomas is now up for adoption; Stevens believes that a place somewhere in the countryside would be the best for him.

We are glad that Thomas is okay!

Source: CBS News

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