Dogs are man's best friends, but for the Aztecs of central Mexico, they also protected sacred monuments and even guided human souls to a new life after death.

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient canine cemetery under a building in Mexico City, the first of its kind ever discovered.

The landfill, which contains the skeletons of 12 dogs, is according to researchers, sacred and special. Indeed, the animals had a great religious and symbolic importance for the Aztec people who lived there about 500 years ago.

It is also the first time a group of dogs was found buried together on a single site. The dogs were buried in a small pit about two feet deep in a place that was the height of the Aztec empire. Their bones have been found in a variety of positions, prone and face down, without funeral distinctive pattern.

Amazing isn't it?

 Source and photo credit: Dailymail

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