A woman was having a nice time looking after three adorable kittens. That is…until her grandson realised that one of them wasn’t a cat at all!

Disguised amongst the cats

When Eric Hertlein visited his grandmother’s house in Kansas, he expected to be welcomed by a little group of cats as usual. His grandmother likes to help out the strays in the area.

This time however, Eric realised that one of the ‘cats’ looked a bit…different…from the others. Thinking something wasn’t quite right, he took a closer look and realised it definitely wasn’t a cat.

It seems his grandmother had welcomed an opossum as her house guest!

Eric at first assumed that the wild animal had snuck into her home, but in reality his grandma had unwittingly let him in. “She assured me it was one of the cats”, the young man told the Dodo.

Despite finally being convinced that the opossum was indeed an opossum…Eric’s Grandma didn’t see why she should evict him from the house.

Having given him the name Tete, and having to realised up until this point, she decided he could stay! He wasn’t bothering her, after all.

opossum opossum opossum eric and his grand-mother

Other cases of mistaken identity

In response to the story, others have taken to Facebook to share their stories

Eric's grandma doesn't seem to be the only one to msitake an opossum for a feline! Just look at these examples below!

facebook-possum facebook-possum

Source : Bored Panda

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