David Teie, an american musician, has composed an album of classical music for cats!

David Teie, an unparalleled musician

David, 60 years old, is a musician at the National Symphony Orchestra of America and is also a researcher in Musicology, teaching at the University of Maryland.

Originally, David is allergic to cats, but he decided to put his talents as a cellist to the service of all cats. He presented his album last Tuesday to the 13 cats of Lady Dinah's, a cat café in London.

The musician composed his music by imitating his cat friends. Purring, feeding noises, miaows, etc. These sounds, mixed with classical music is loved by cats!

David explained that he used about 26 instruments in order to reproduce the sounds of the purrs. The elegantmy dressed man starts to play, while explaining, "I used 10 acoustic instruments, but nearly all of them need to be modified on the computer in order to become animal sounds."

David then explained how he composed his music. For him, it was important to create sounds adapted to cats, but also their pet parents. This was why it was important for him to integrate a layer of classical musics, for the humans to enjoy.

Relaxation for cats and cat parents

The music created by David is very relaxing. The manager of Lady's Dinah was doubtful at first, but finally agreed to use the album. Her cats reacted well to the music.

For the cats, hearing purring sounds recreated a sensation of calm. The pet parents agree that the music also relaxes them too.

The album, called "Music for Cats" was released on the 14th of October and is composed of 5 pieces. It was signed by Universal Music.

David means to continue this project. He is now working on music for horses and wished to creat an album for dogs. But according to him, music heard by a Labrador or Chihuahua is not the same, so needs more work!

What do you think of music for cats? Are you going to buy this album?

Sources : Sud Ouest

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