Is it a robot? Is it a ball? Is it a gadget? Is it a pet toy? Well actually it's all in one! Sphero is a robotic sphere that you control with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.

When I received Sphero, I was really excited. Hermes can spend hours playing with a ball - unfortunately he tends to destroy them all so he never plays that long with them- and as weird as it may seem he also loves the laser, even though it's the most un dog-like toy in the World, it just drives him crazy.


So imagine a hard plastic ball, the size of a baseball that glows like a laser in a thousand colors... the purrfect dog toy!

The Sphero ball is packed in a very nice box, easy to store when you've done playing with it. It can connect with almost any iOS or Android device. There are over 20 apps available for Sphero, ranging from just driving it around to a Nyan Cat space party game.


It took me less than a minute to install the Sphero Pet app and connect my iPhone.

photo 2-1

photo 1-1

It takes a bit of practice to maneuver the ball at first - I don't have the GTA V practice like all the dudes in the office- but now I'm at ease with the very simple commands. According to the website, under ideal conditions Sphero can achieve speeds up to 3 ft/sec. And the new Sphero 2.0 is even faster!

At first Hermes appeared confused with Sphero - he is also afraid of the Kong Wobler - not sure if it was his to play with or not, so he simply barked at it. He finally started to engage with it. He had some hard time trying to get Sphero in his mouth, but finally managed. I was concerned Hermes teeth would dent the ball, but it didn't. His favorite toy is still a piece of cord, but we really have fun playing with Sphero together.


The Sphero robot ball costs a whopping $109.99 which seems like a great deal of money and is out of range for most dog owners who intend to use Sphero just as a dog toy. But  that what's nice with Sphero: it's a toy for the entire family!

I can't wait to try all the apps, and explore what Sphero can do else.


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