The Penguin Foundation on Phillip Island, in Australia, is protecting penguins from damage caused by oil spills.

When penguins' feathers are covered with oil, they are unable to stay warm. A patch of oil only the size of a penny is dangerous for penguins. The oil separates the feathers and the cold water can reach the penguin's skin. Moreover, when penguins are trying to clean up the patch, they ingest oil which is extremely dangerous.

For these reasons, the Penguin Fondation is using knitted jumpers to keep the penguins warm and stop them from ingesting oil until they can be cleaned.

When the animals are all clean and treated, the Penguin Fondation releases them but not with the jumper!

Clever, usefull, and also adorable!

penguins wearing a jumper

photo credit : BuzzFeed

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