She went viral for her adorable maternity shoot, and now Lilica is back with another shoot – this time with her adorable puppies!

From maternity to birth

A while ago Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo took photos of her neighbour’s pregnant dog. The photos were so lovely that they went viral. Since then little Lilica has given birth to a litter of five puppies.


As expected, the puppies are just as beautiful as their loving momma! They have all found loving homes and will be taken care of the way they deserve to be.

photoshoot_maternité_naissance_3_03_2016 photoshoot_maternité_naissance_4_03_2016

Looking ahead

While Lillica’s photoshoot is beautiful, it would be in her best interest if this is her one and only. Spaying or neutering dogs can not only add years to their life, but it also reduces the number of homeless or unwanted pets.

Thank you Ana Paula for this amazing photoshoot!


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