Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is truly one of the most satisfying experiences there is. Knowing that you have saved a life and that you have given an animal a chance to have a loving home is really something special. Animals make great companions, as not only do you change their lives but they change yours too.

A Cruel Start in Life

Many of the cats brought into shelters or found on the side if the road are in a terrible state. They are either abandoned by their mothers or people who don’t want them anymore. Many are sick, physically hurt, have ticks and fleas, are very thin, shy and scared because of what they have gone through.


Happily Ever After

Luckily, many cats find a loving home and they make a full recovery. There is nothing that a little love and TLC cannot fix. It is great to see the before and after photos that people have taken of their pets, and the massive difference we can see in the animals.

Apart from looking much better, these animals gain confidence and become more outgoing. One cat parents wrote: “It’s taken us 2 years to get her to that point, where she is finally not as skittish and completely relaxed in her home. It’s pretty great to see!”


Another says: “My cat Louie was found abandoned in the street at 2 weeks old. After weeks of bottle feeding and intensive care, he grew into a healthy kitten!”


This cat came out of her shell: “Here’s Brooklyn hiding under the fridge the day we brought her home. And now here she is taking up half the love seat!”


“I didn’t realise how miserable he was until I got him home; he was so malnourished that his fur was striped with discolouration and all he could do was sleep. Fortunately care, love and time remedied things.” Proof that time heals all!


Is your cat a rescue animal?

Source: The Dodo

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